HOST | Presented by DanceEast and EncoreEast

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 11.00am – 6.30pm

Age Suitability: 50+ years and practitioners who work with 50+ years

A day of workshops performances and debates for older dancers, along with artists, practitioners and choreographers working with dancers over 50.

The day will celebrate and explore issues such as the nature of artistry, its relationship to the older performer, and how it can be taught and learned. It will challenge assumptions about what older dancers can bring to dance, how they want to be represented in performance, how they can dance and what they can dance about.

Hosted by DanceEast and its performance company EncoreEast, the day will focus on the voice and experiences of the older dancer. It will feature guest speaker Betsy Gregory, and a wide range of workshops delivered by DanceEast Associate Artist Joseph Toonga, The Hiccup Project and DanceEast Core Tutor Mary Davies.

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